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B2C Mpesa integration on your website - Step by step for non-programmers

This is a step by step process on how to integrate B2C mpesa paybill on your website. This tool helps programmers as well as non-programmers.

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One thing that makes it hard to integrate B2C is not because it is hard. It is because there are some things that are not clear. So, let me take time to clarify some of them:

1. You need a separate Paybill number to integrate B2C API. This is not the one you used for any other form on integration. It is applied as a B2C Paybill from any safaricom shop.

2. It takes around a week or two to get this Paybill number.

3. You need a registered business or company to register for this B2C Mpesa paybill number.

4. It is what they call store number.

5. You need access to the Mpesa portal to be ready to integrate B2C Paybill.

6. B2C means an organization paying a customer or personal number some amount of money.

7. B2C Payments can be done using a Bulk payments account or a B2C Paybill.

8. B2C payments can be done manually using the Business manager's Mpesa account or programmatically using the API user.

9. The Mpesa API user, created by an Mpesa admin user is the one using for integrating the B2C API.

10. You need to deposit at least 35,000 Ksh through a safaricom's KCB bank account number to get money to your B2C store number ready to live payments to customers.

11. The maximum amount you can deposit to a B2C paybill number is 500 Million Ksh.

Now you have the facts? Let us dive in and integrate the B2C API with our website.

This is the easiest step because I will not talk code here.

We have a GUI that you just fill form fields with required information, save and generate the security credential and everything else is taken care of by this B2C tool.

 Step 1: You need the Payment processor script.

Step 2. Upload it and Install it in your server using the easy installation script. Just running the url where it is located in your server. 

Step 3. Login the admin end and click the "Administration block 2".Then click "B2C Mpesa settings" tab on the dropdown menu.

Below is what appears:

Integrating B2C Mpesa API on your website


You just need to fill the above table and save. Just click "Edit the settings" button and fill all fields well.


Finally, Click "Generate security token" BUTTON.

You are actually done.

You can then test by simulating a B2C transaction.