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Get Mpesa payment method integrated on your website today

Get Mpesa payment method integrated on your website today. Whether you are a developer or just own a website, our solution is by far the best.

It works for programmers (Website and Mobile developers) as well as for non-programmers.

We provide this via a simple GUI which you simply need to enter the needed settings and "FUA", everything works.

Introduction to Mpesa integration on your website.

What is Mpesa?

Mpesa is a mobile money service started by Safaricom Kenyan branch. It has spread across the world and inspired the innovation of many other mobile money gateways. It helps people send and receive money via their sim cards. Notifications of money sent or received is via SMS. People can withdraw their Mpesa balances via Mpesa agents near them by simply entering an Mpesa agent number, amount and the Mpesa Pin.

It serves well people without Internet connection so long as they have a working Safaricom sim card.

Mpesa for businesses.

With time, Mpesa has enabled businesses receive money via the following ways:

1). Till Number.

2). Paybill Number.

The above two options are located on the Mpesa menu under Lipa na Mpesa sub menu. Your business customers will follow the above process to make payment to you.

If yours is a Paybill number, they will navigate as: Mpesa --> Lipa na Mpesa ---> Paybill ----> Business Number ----> Account ---> Amount ---> PIN ---> OK

When done with the above process, they will receive a confirmation message that the transaction went through.

However, businesses with the Paybill Number (Read business number) will not receive an SMS as they have no Sim card issued to them by Safaricom.

They will view this via the Mpesa portal.

Businesses will therefore, need to apply for a Paybill number from any Safaricom shop and apply for an access to the Mpesa portal.

On the other hand, businesses that own Till numbers will have two numbers for their use.

1). A store number --- this the number that collects payments and where the Mpesa payments accumulate. This is the number to refer to when doing balance queries,  reversals and withdrawals.

2). A Till number -- this is number which the business clients will make payments to. They will navigate as follows:

Mpesa ---> Lipa na Mpesa ---> Buy Goods and services ----> Till number ---> Amount ----> Pin ---> OK

They will then receive an SMS confirming their Payment went through successfully.

How to accept Mpesa on a website as a business.

With the advancement of technology, businesses are now doing business via websites. Read this as ecommerce.

Over time, websites have been simple ones which made accepting payments via Mpesa easy. In fact, people were able to just post their personal Mpesa numbers on their websites (e.g 0706745202) and people would just pay and have their orders followed up on a call or email and get served.

But this is tedious.

Moreover, websites are now complex and developed to capture almost all business processes in an automated manner.

This has necessitated the need for Mpesa to allow businesses to integrate their websites with Mpesa.

This gave the birth of the Mpesa API.

Today, Mpesa has a Restful API duped Daraja which businesses can integrate their websites to and make Mpesa payments part of their business logic.

 How to integrate your website with Mpesa

 If you are a website developer, you can integrate Mpesa with your website.

We do make this very easy using our Payment processor software. Follow the below steps to Integrate any website with Mpesa.

1. Download our Mpesa API integration assistant below. Just add to cart and proceed to download.

2. Install the above Payment gateway in your server. You need an Apache server with Mysql and PHP installed. Most shared hosting plans support these.

3. Set up the admin for C2B and B2C Mpesa settings. Whichever you need.  Test the Mpesa payments and locate Mpesa payments on the Mpesa menu in the Payment processor admin panel.

4. Hire us to develop custom Mpesa payment solutions on your existing website or mobile app. This means to complete your business logic. Any developer can do that

We support the following Mpesa payment options:

1. Paybill customer to Business - C2B.

2. Business to customer - B2C.

5. Business to business - B2B

We use the current Mpesa API solutions which ensures that your website or mobile app works effectively.

Contact us anytime to get this solution working as soon as possible.

Start accepting Mpesa payments on your website.