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How to add mpesa payment to website

To add Mpesa payment to your website is very easy. In this article, I will highlight a less technical way that doesn't necessarily require you to be a programmer to do it.

Knowledge needed to understand How to add mpesa payment to website:

1. Computer literary skills -

that minimal computer knowledge that will enable you open a browser, open a website and create accounts on websites and submit a few forms is enough.

Forget the popular guides that mention things to do with database tables, encryption, encoding, security.

All that has already been done as you will find out below.

2. Minimal webmaster tools-

If you already understand what a website is and how to upload files and run an installation on the browser, you are good to go. If you have heard and seen the public_html of your hosting cpanel, you are ready to continue.

Steps to to add mpesa payment to website.

 Step 1: You need to download the below Mpesa Integration Assistant. Just add it to cart, proceed to Checkout and Click Finish to download your ready Mpesa Integration files.

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This is a ready solution created to help you start and run a full-blown Mpesa Gateway in a few seconds.

It actually helps with Mpesa integration on any type of website.

Be sure to download it on this step.

Step 2. Upload this downloaded file above in your server or hosting cpanel and install it.

Read on How to use the Mpesa C2B API Integration Assistant to understand the steps you need to follow to install this Mpesa Integration assistant.

Step 3. Set up Mpesa settings - now that you have already installed your Payment processor, you need to set up your Mpesa. This has been made very easy on the installation process details here:How to use the Mpesa C2B API Integration Assistant.

Requirements for this step is:

a) An Mpesa Paybill number which is registered as a C2B paybill. It is free to apply for a paybill number at any safaricom shop.

b). A Safaricom developers account. It is free and easy to get a developers account from safaricom developer website found here. Just click signup.

c). An administrator's account on the Mpesa portal. It is also free to get this account from Safaricom. You just need to email for this. They will give you the KYC documents they need from you including a company or business letter-headed application letter, the desired username, ID, Business/ Company certificate and KRA copies.

d). Go to your Safaricom Developer account you created in step B above and GO LIVE. 

You will need to create an App for testing first.

Just create an App and GO LIVE.

There is no need of using the created App because it is for testing purposes and is meant for developers or programmers.

We have already done testing for you.

When you GO LIVE, they will give you a production APP which is what we need.

If you have the above, then you are good to go.

Step 4. Login as an administrator in the installed payment processor, locate the Administrator Block 2. Locate the dropdown menu item names as Mpesa C2B settings. Fill that form and SAVE.

STEP 5. Click the register urls button and you are done.

Step 6. You can now test Mpesa payments by making a real Mpesa payment to your Paybill number and check the transaction under: Administration Block 3 ===> Mpesa transactions.

 At this point, you are done. You have now seen transactions are now in your website.

All you need to understand is how to act when these transactions land.

This entirely depends on your business logic.

For those who needed a Payment gateway where people can deposit money via Mpesa, at this point, you are done with adding Mpesa to your website.

But for those who needed to add Mpesa as a checkout on their website, you need a few more steps.

 Hire us to customize this Payment processor script or install it to start checking out with Mpesa.