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How to use the Mpesa C2B API Integration Assistant


The C2B Mpesa API helps you start accepting payments on your website, software or App. Therefore, when you integrate C2B API, Mpesa will be sending Transactions to your server then your business logic picks from that point onwards.


1. A C2B Mpesa paybill or Till Number : You apply this at any safaricom shop or online.

2. An Mpesa portal admin account : Apply this at Mpesa Business.

3. A developer account: Register this at

4. A productions C2B app at Daraja portal.

5. An apache web server and a domain name with ssl, php and mysql installed. Most shared hosting have these stuff.

Do you have the above? If yes, you will be done in the next 5 minutes.

Step 1: Download the Mpesa C2B API Integration Assistant package.

Step 2. Upload the resultant zipped file and unzip it inside your cpanel.

Mpesa C2B API assistant works best in a cpanel for beginners

Uploading the Mpesa C2B API assistant

shows MPESA C2B API integration assistant uploading in Public_html in a cpanel

Step 3. Create a database with a username and password to be supplied in the step 4 below.


Step 4. Surf its location against your domain name on your browse and Click Install.

start installing the Mpesa C2B API integration assistant

Requirements of Mpesa C2B API integration assistance

Entering database details to the Mpesa C2B API integration assistant

Step 5. When done, delete the installation folder.

Step 6. Fill in the required settings and Click "Register".

Step 7. Hurraaaaah. You are done.

Test your C2B Mpesa API integration by sending a test payment to your Paybill or Till and see what appears on your Database named as mpesa_payments.

Seen it? Wow.... proceed with your business logic from that end because transactions are automatically being saved inside your server.