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Mpesa Mobile money C2B for Woocommerce website

Integrate Mpesa C2B with your WooCommerce is very easy. With the assistance of our Woocommerce payment gateway plugin, you can simply install, do a small set up and activate and the rest is taken care of. You will be now very ready to receive Mpesa payments for your goods and services displayed on your woocommerce (WC) powered wordpress website.


Woocommerce runs on Wordpress and is said to be the future of of ecommerce. We therefore see it good to help you integrate your Woocommerce with Mpesa (For Kenyans). In this article, I will explain how it is easy to take advantage of PayMents now that we support Mpesa deposits and Payments if you are running a woocommerce website.

I have met people online who want a free version of this woocommerce Mpesa plugin. Let me say this: With the experience of working with Mpesa APIs for some years now and having seen the way the Mpesa API has been transforming over years from VPN ways, G1, G2 and now Daraja and may be we do not know what will happen tomorrow, a free version of a woocommerce Mpesa gateway plugin is not a sure bet. The best is a paid one with support from the developer so that you are assured of your ecommerce business future.

How to download this woocommerce Mpesa payment Gateway:

  1. Add to card the Mpesa woocommerce plugin below.
  2. The above step will take you to a checkout page of this nulled version of the plugin.
  3. Enter the details to register or login.
  4. Activate your account via a link sent to your email.
  5. Login and select Lipa na Mpesa as your Payment method.
  6. Click Finish to make payment.
  7. A popup will be send to your Mpesa phone you entered as your billing telephone with the details of your order, amount to pay.
  8. Enter the Mpesa PIN and Click OK.
  9. When the payment goes through. Refresh your "My orders" page and see your order automatically confirmed.
  10. Click the product name of the woocommerce mpesa plugin.
  11. Click the file name and it will automatically download the plugin.
  12. Save the resultant Zipped file in your desktop.
  13. That is all. You have the Mpesa woocommerce payment gateway plugin.

Requirements to Integrate your woocommerce website with Mpesa:

1. Mpesa PayBill number ==> This is applied at any Safaricom shop in Kenya. It takes 3 to 14 days to be ready. Visit the safaricom shop and you will get forms to fill.

You need a C2B Paybill to get paid by customers.

B2C on the other hand allows you to pay other personal Mpesa numbers/persons.

Be sure to apply what you need.

In this scenario, you will be getting paid for your goods and services on your woocommerce website.

Therefore, you need a C2B Mpesa Paybill.

2. After you have the Paybill number with you, contact MpesaBusiness via email ( or phone (2222) and you will be given some requirements to send via their email so that they create an admin account which will allow you to access the Mpesa portal. This is the account which will enable you to create other operators on the Mpesa portal.

Recall the admin account on the Mpesa portal. We will need it.

Now, let us dive into the Integration of Woocommerce plugin with Mpesa.

Note: We have made the technical parts very easy for you. Your work is to copy and paste what we tell you to copy and paste where we tell you to.

Step 1: You need our Mpesa API integration assistant.

This is a ready PHP script which you will need to install in your server.

Below is the Mpesa API integration Assistant.

Note: In later releases, we have provided it inside Woocommerce plugin. So, no need to worry.

However, you need the steps below.

These steps are the ones which will guide you step by step, in an easy user-friendly way to have your PayBill set up.

The advantage of this Script is that, while it offers a quick and easy way to set up Mpesa C2B Paybill integration, it also comes with it more Payment gateways. In short, you are integrating your Woocommerce with multiple other Payment methods and you can activate and deactivate Payment methods on it as you so wish. It is all upon you and depends on the PayMents methods you need; Mpesa included.

Step 2: The above script will require that you provide some Mpesa C2B parameters. Login the admin of the script and locate the Mpesa C2B settings.

a). Register url (prefilled)

b). Confirmation url (prefilled)

c). Validation url (prefilled)

d). Paybill number (Fill this)

c). Mpesa Portal username (Fill this).

Save the above settings.

Step 3. Go To and create an account. Also, create a Sandbox/Test App and Move it to production by Click "GO live" and following the instructions there.

Step 4. When this production App is approved by Safaricom (Normally takes 2 to 3 business days), you will now have a Consumer Key and Consumer secret of the production Version of your App.

Step 5. Note the login to the Developer portal.

a). Go back to the PayMents processor and on the administration Block 2,==> C2B Mpesa settings, enter it as the Mpesa security token and save. ).

b). Consumer Key (Fill this as per your App on Safaricom Developer portal).

c). Consumer secret (Fill this as per your App on Safaricom Developer portal).


Step 6. Now, Click the "register urls" button  below the above settings.

A success message means everything is okay.

Everything is okay now.

Test with a transaction by sending some money to your Paybill.

You should see a transaction under the administration Block 3 --> Mpesa transactions.

You are done on Mpesa integration and now Mpesa is sending transactions to your Database.

Look at the PayMents balance, it is increasing when you make a Payment.

Step 7. Now, we need to have Mbiki Lipa na Mpesa for WooCommerce as one of the Payment options on your woocommerce website when people order and are paying.

Integrating Mpesa C2B with Woocommerce

for a live DEMO of Lipa na Mpesa payment using Paybill.

You need to download the Mbiki Lipa na Mpesa for WooCommerce plugin and install it like a Normal Wordpress plugin.

Activate it and set up some needed info found on Woocommerce ===> Settings ===> Payments/Checkout

You are done now.

Anytime someone selects the Lipa na Mpesa option, he or she will be directed to make payments via your Mpesa Paybill and the payments are automatically captured and order processed.

Mbiki Mpesa for WooCommerce