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Mpesa API Integration Assistant

Get an Mpesa API Integration Assistant that makes your work very easy. What you need is the information we will tell you on each Mpesa API Integration Assistant and fill it in the way we will tell you, execute and you are done.

Definition of terms related to Mpesa API integration assistant

To start with, let us define terminologies that relate to the entire discipline or technicalities involved in Mpesa Integration.

Through this definition, it is easy to pick that an Mpesa Integration Assistant is a person or something that helps you join Mpesa to something else. This something else could be a website, mobile app or a standalone software. This essentially means that the Mpesa Integration assistant would join Mpesa mobile money to your web apps, mobile apps and software to start accepting mobile money on them by providing an Mpesa payment gateway for your users to pay for your goods and services using their mpesa mobile wallets.

Types of Mpesa API integration assistants.

We have three major Mpesa APIs and so are there our three types of Mpesa API integration assistants.

These are:

  1. Mpesa C2B integration assistant or Mpesa C2B integrator.
  2. Mpesa B2C integration assistant or Mpesa B2C integrator
  3. Mpesa Express API integrator or Stk Push API mpesa integration assistant.

1.Mpesa C2B API Integration Assistant.

This Mpesa API Integration Assistant will help you integrate Mpesa C2B API in a few clicks. Just follow the steps we give you in the below guide.

2. Mpesa Express (Lipa na Mpesa Online) API Integration Assistant.

Do you want that smart popup that your clients will receive on their phone with your company names, amount to pay, and for what reason with a PIN box to just fill and fuaaaah, the transaction completes and your business logic continues? If so, then this is what is known as Mpesa Express.

Mpesa Express (Lipa na Mpesa Online) API Integration Assistant will help you integrate your website or App within minutes and through a few clicks.

3.Mpesa B2C mpesa api integration assistant.

This is for the businesses who are interested in sending or paying money to their customers of partners direct to their mpesa phone wallets. It simply means business to customer API integration helper.