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Mpesa Integrations Live (Test now)

Hire us to do these Mpesa Integrations easily for your Business (Website or Mobile App). Call or WhatsApp us on: +254706745202.

This is where you get to test all our Mpesa Live integrations. We are keeping this page here as a demo that we can do Mpesa Integrations Live.

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1. Mpesa Express Integration

This is a form of Mpesa C2B. In this method, your website or App customers will initiate the transaction and receive a USSD powered popup on their phone with the transaction details and a field to enter their PIN. When they enter their PIN and Click OK, their Mpesa is deducted the indicated amount and the transaction is recorded on your Mpesa and your website business logic continues.

Demos of this Mpesa Integration.

The best way to understand how we would help you Integrate Mpesa to your website and Mobile App is through two major ways:

1. Mpesa Payments to your business or company.

A. Using an Mpesa Paybill Number to make payment.

a). Paying any amount via Mpesa to a website owner using Mpesa Express integration (Lipa na Mpesa Online - LMO)


Note: You are making a live payment to our Mpesa registered company known as ASSISTAPP INTERNATIONAL.

Note: To test successfully, the phone must be in the format 2547xxxxxx not 07xxxxxx.


2. Paying any amount via Mpesa using C2B

Follow the process below to make a payment to our company AssistApp International and we will capture that payment in real time via our servers.

Step 1: Go to Mpesa menu on your phone.

Step 2. Click LIPA NA MPESA.

Step 3. Click Paybill.

Step 4: Enter Business number as: 693165

Step 5. Enter Account as: TEST

Step 6. Enter any amount you are comfortable testing with.

Step 7. Click OK.

You will receive an Mpesa message that you have sent money to AssistApp International.

We will also show the message in real live on the Right Screen of this page.


 3. B2C Mpesa API integration.

This Mpesa Integration enables your website or Mobile App to make payments to customer personal mobile numbers. We can easily demo this below.

Note: This is a real Mpesa Payment to your Mobile phone.

Note: The minimum you can withdraw is 50 and Mpesa/Safaricom will charge a transaction fee depending on the amount you withdraw.

Requirements: You must have tested the C2B or Mpesa Express API integration example above to test this because you will withdraw only the amount you sent to our Paybill when you were testing.