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Mpesa Online Payment Gateway

Mpesa Online Payment Gateway is available for download. If you are looking for an Mpesa Payment gateway that covers the most Ecommerce platforms, then this is a must download package.

Our Mpesa Online Payment Gateway package covers the following:

1. Woocommerce Mpesa payment gateway plugin.

2. Hikashop Mpesa payment gateway plugin.

3. Php Mpesa payment gateway integration assistant.

Why you need to download this Mpesa Online Payment Gateway:

a). It is very simple to install in your website.

b). You only need few settings and it begins to work.

c). It processes payments and completes the customers buying process automatically.

d). It is based on the new Safaricom Daraja API.

e). You get free technical support when you purchase this Mpesa Online Payment Gateway.

(f). It is bug free and works with modern ecommerce platform versions.

Let us demonstrate how this Mpesa Online Payment Gateway works on different ecommerce platforms:

1. Mpesa Online Payment Gateway demo on wordpress / Woocommerce:

Woocommerce is the word's most used wordpress ecommerce plugin and thus, we developed an Mpesa payment solution that work well on woocommerce.

The demo is found on this link: Mpesa Online Payment Gateway for woocommerce.

You need to just add one item on the above demo link to cart and select Mpesa payment and see how it works.

 2. Mpesa online payment gateway demo on Hikashop:

Hikashop is an ecommerce component for the popular Joomla Cms.

Check how it works on Hikashop on this link: Mpesa Express demo on Hikashop.

Just add one of the products there to cart and choose Lipa na Mpesa and see how it works.

3. Mpesa online payment gateway demo on a PHP based website.

You can test how this package works on a PHP based website on this demo: Mpesa Express demo on PHP website.

 Simply enter an amount and your Mpesa phone number and test.