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Mpesa has been around for a while and you should start accepting it as a payment method online for your websites and mobile apps. In fact, I also completed a solution that helps you understand that Mpesa can also be integrated on SMS-based Apps.

Before I proceed further, I will demonstrate some steps that will help you understand how Mpesa payment gateway would work for your website or App.

Below are the steps that your client follows to make an Mpesa payment if your accept Mpesa payments on your online website or App.

1. A customer lands on your website.

2. He or she shops for your goods and services.

3. The customer checks out the cart and proceed to make  a payment.

4. The customer Chooses Mpesa Payment gateway as listed among other Payment Options.

5. The client will now proceed to Make a Payment via Mpesa and the rest of your Business logic is automatically completed.

When you start accepting Mpesa Payments online, the manual process of verifying Mpesa payments against goods and services bought and who paid what amount and for what goods or services is eliminated.

Look!! Mpesa online payments are now possible. Thanks to the provided Mpesa API.

In my work, I am making it very easy for you to accept Mpesa payments or to add an online Mpesa payment gateway easily on different platforms, CMS, and using different programming languages.

Some of these solutions require no technical expertise to implement other than the mandatory simple computer literacy. However, there are those that require programming knowledge to implement. This depends on exactly what you are trying to implement.

Frankly speaking, CMS based Web- applications are simpler to implement Mpesa payment gateways that non-CMS based websites. CMS's like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc require a ready made Plugins and modules to add Mpesa online payment solutions. With simple, configurations, you can get started in a minute.

How is this possible?

This is because the code for these CMS's are known and thus programmers have already created fully working Mpesa payment gateway solutions that complete the entire Client purchase cycle (from adding a good or service to card, Checkout, Mpesa payment, and finally accessing what was being paid for or simply shipping).

As for other web and mobile development environments, Implementing an online Mpesa payment gateway will require some prior knowledge on the code so as to add Mpesa payment. Some developers for ready-made software solutions may add ready-made Mpesa solutions. However, most need customization work to have Mpesa payment gateways in them.

Ready made Wordpress Mpesa Payment gateways.

Below are ready-made Wordpress Online Mpesa Payment solutions that you can download and install for your own use.

WP wc Mpesa plugin product

The above is an Mpesa gateway plugin which is specific for Woocommerce. This utilizes the C2B Mpesa API such that when clients want to Pay, they go to their Mpesa menu, enter the Mpesa Business number you have indicated on the checkout page, and the Account will be the order id and when they pay, the payment is automatically processed and order marked as confirmed or processed.

So automatic is this Mpesa Client to Business Payment for the popular ecommerce plugin for Wordpress known as Woocommerce.


Ready made Joomla Mpesa payment gateways.

If you want to accept payments on a Joomla website, consider using the below online Mpesa payment solutions.

Ready made Mpesa payment solutions for plain or core PHP based websites.

Now, this is where we go. There is no PHP website that is coded like another. Developers create PHP based websites based on different ideas, logic and code structuring. Therefore, there is no ready-made Mpesa payment gateway solution that is a one fit-all solution.

To help developers and web-designers out there, I have created a PHP Mpesa API integration assistant. This is an easy to install and set-up solution that helps you integrate a core PHP based website easily till the point where payments are captured and saved in your server. From that point, you can continue with your business logic.

Here it is:

Miki wc mpesa plugin product

 I have written a guide on how to use this assistant here ==> How to use the Mpesa C2B API Integration Assistant

In fact, if you are not a developer, the above is not your solution at all. A lot of jargon may be involved beyond the mere installation and there is serious code to be written to integrate your website logic to the added Mpesa gateway so that Goods or services paid for are processed.