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The Simplest way to Integrate Mpesa on a website for non-programmers

We are very much excited to present to you the The Simplest way to Integrate Mpesa on a website for non-programmers. We know coding is not as easy and all that has been taken care in this solution.

Are you running a website and want to capture Mpesa payments to your website or Database or just let people purchase goods on your website and you get paid in real time and process their orders automatically? If yes, then you need this simple tool.

Implemented on  GUI, you will find it the easiest thing to Integrate Mpesa Payments (C2B) on this planet.


1. Your website (Build in any language).

2. Your database (Mysql).

3. Your server that supports PHP.

4. A Paybill Number (Apply for it from a Safaricom shop).

5. A Safaricom Developer account. Ensure you have activated your App on this to live (GO LIVE). It is very simple on This will help you get Live Consumer keys and Consumer secret.

Let us Dive in and Integrate Mpesa C2B API using this simplest method .

At this moment, forget about anything technical.

Step 1. login to the admin of your PayMent gateway which we provided on this page

Step 2. Go to the admin and click C2B settings under Administration Block 2.

It will display the following:

Here, you only need to Change the paybill number, consumer Key, Consumer secret and security token.

Click the Mpesa C2B parameters button to edit the above to your own settings as provided on the Developers Portal.

Final step is to simply Click the Register URLS buttons and Pap, everything else is automated.

Your Mpesa transactions will be automatically found on the Administraion Block 3 ==> Mpesa transactions.

In addition, if you set the SMS notification to be ON, your users will be notified whenever they make payments on the Payment done and the new balance.

You can now use up the deposited funds in that client account to execute the business logic you have in your website. 

Note: The API provided with this PayMents processor will help you quickly get working with executing your business logic before the Payment and after payment.