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Mpesa Integration for websites

Why Integrate Mpesa on your website?

Mpesa integration for payments purposes is on the rise today as more and more people turn to digital platforms to run their businesses.

Is Mpesa Integration on your website simple or hard?

Mpesa integration is a simple process that ensures your clients can pay for your goods and services through your website either through paybill numbers or into your personal safaricom lines. For you to be able to run such a service easily payment gateways are a necessity.

Payment gateways allows your customer to use simple steps to be able to pay, steps that you do not need to be available to be complete, i.e. they are automated.

What you need to get started with Mpesa Integration.

This is a custom made payment script that you could install and run your own payment gateway for your website or run a payments gateway for business, where you could charge clients a small fee to send and receive money through your own website and earn.

In addition, you can use the provided code to set up Mpesa integration on your website.

Mpesa integration into online payment platforms is an easy process and we at payment processor-script have made it even easier.

Download the payments processor script, integrate it into you website and start accepting payments.

Mpesa Integration does not only apply with Mpesa nor within Kenya Alone, but across all other money transfer  platforms across the world.  

It does not matter from which country you come from; you could benefit from this platform.

Payment processor script is the new way of doing business today, try it and let us guide you.

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